I was able to take a leisurely foot bath because I had enough.

Everyone has many boundaries these days.

It’s getting better day by day, but it’s still natural.

I think it’s a far-off story.

Let me introduce myself to you first, the writer is an eight-year-old office worker at an ordinary company.

From the perspective of ordinary office workers, there are a lot of company dinners and frequent lightning meetings.

It’s a collective life, so you can’t always make enemies.

Watching the workload overflowing every day, not to mention the shoulder strain.

On weekends, it’s really hard to go to an in-house 건마 athletic meet, hiking, and so on weekends.

I saw the company’s seniors exhausted from all the hard work.

He told me to use my annual leave and rest.

After looking around the changing room and shower room, I wore the disposable underwear that I received from the staff and went out wearing a gown.

The entire facility feels clean and calm even though I’m moving to a room where I’m going to be cared for.

Rather than thinking that I’m here to get a massage, I thought I’d take a rest. I was so satisfied.

This is the room for me to take care of.

From the entrance to the inside, there’s not a single pile. I like the scent of diffusers in the room.

I feel like I’m lying on the bed and falling asleep.

The massage shop at the one-person shop prepared me to drink tea while taking a foot bath. They prepared a cool green tea. If I keep my feet in warm water, it gets a little hot at the end. If you drink a cup of cold tea when it gets a little hot, you feel like you have the whole world. I had plenty of foot bath time, so I could take it easy.

After a pleasant foot bath, I came back to the room and it was ready for me to choose the oil I’d like to receive today. The head of the massage shop in Daejeon allows me to practice and explains the effectiveness of the oil, but I like refreshing scents, so I chose peppermint oil. Turns out peppermint is a very good oil for headaches and migraines. It was the perfect oil for me who had been having a hard time with frequent headaches these days.

I’ll talk about what happened with my friends and give you some information.

The information I will introduce today is Daegu Dongguswedish Aroma Emotional Therapy.

I recently visited a shop on Naver because I happened to find it was a few days ago, I visited it.

It was more than I expected.

There are many good care shops in Busan, but personally, I personally think that the management staff

Minds and skills are not inferior, and the shop is well managed.

I’ll give you some information about Daegu Donggu Wedisiama Emotional Therapy.

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