I like oil massages. Deep tissue oil massage

I can’t go outside of Corona these days.

I haven’t been working out since it got worse.

I’m feeling so sick.

I shouldn’t do this. I’m going to ruin my whole body!

I wanted to go to Yeoksam Station Massage near my house.

I went to the main branch of Natural Tyspah.

It’s going to be done in individual rooms.

I was a little relieved!

Quarantine disinfection, and every day.

I checked it and I could trust it because there was a certificate of disinfection.

On Instagram, there’s a quarantine video.

And when you’re getting a massage,

He told me to wear a mask.

I used it, too.

at the Yeoksam Main Branch of Natural 수원 스웨디시 Tyspah.

It’s a price tag!

I got a deep tissue oil therapy.

The normal price is 99,000 won and the membership is 88,000 won!

Herbball massage is something.

I asked him, and he took this tool.

It’s for massages!

I like oil massages.

I picked a deep tissue oil massage,

Next time, I’d like to get a Herbball massage.

In Yeoksam Station Massage Natural Tyspa,

It’s cheaper if you cut your accrued membership.

It’s available at a price.

If you get 10 passes,

down to a maximum of 10%

It’s available.

If you’re a steady recipient,

You might want to use this.

You’re giving me a lot of points. I’m going crazy, too.

And in Yeoksam Station Massage Natural Tyspa,

Early Bird Event

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Early Bird has a deep tissue aroma oil therapy.

You can get it for 49,000 won!!!

I’m not a big fan of early bird.

Let’s go for it.

It’s getting very cheap.

Natural Thai with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere,

I’ve been to a lot of celebrities.

The whole wall is signed.

It was fun to see who came and went.

In Natural Thailand, it’s called kaocotalife.

Natural organic spa products are on sale.

If you’re interested, you can try it!

In Yeoksam Station Massage,

Plus, if you register for Flynn, you will get coupons.

And group massage events, etc.

Multiple events at the same time

We’re working on it, so you can ask.

I’m sure you’really.

That would be great!!

Before you get the Yeoksamyeok massage,

Warm up with herbal tea.

Then I changed my clothes and came out!

This is the fitting room, and it’s very neat.

You were in good order.

Like this, a gown and disposable.

If you could get me my underwear,

after one’s wear

Let’s go outside!

Of the four aroma oils,

Choose one thing you want.

That’s how the massage works!
I chose jasmine, which smells good.

Especially because it’s good for fatigue recovery.

Yogurt pick!

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