I was able to get a foot bath comfortably.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been together.

I’ve been managing it for about six months.

It’s a device that can help you identify the factors that cause skin disease.

I’m getting a lot of help because it’s a care product.

with the gentle rising heat energy and red light.

It’s a way to take care of your insides.

Always a little tired or in good air.

If you don’t, you’ll be right back.

It’s a valuable tool that reduces the cycle of tipping over.

He is also a friend.

There’s a hole in the output window.

Use it without anything on.

It’s here. Makeup residue or oil.

Whenever I do, there’s a foreign object in the output window.

Be careful because it can break easily!

I usually wash my face and use it right away.

When the operating button is pressed, the temperature immediately changes.

You don’t have to go up there and set it up in advance.

It’s an advantage that you can use it right away.

The temperature goes up to about 41 degrees.

But it’s not stimulating.

They say it’s the most appropriate temperature.

Most of the time, we’re going to use this temperature.

It’s said that there are a lot of times when you turn it over.

Keep it constant and use it.

It was nice because it wasn’t hotter.

Mostly in areas where problems occur frequently.

I’m taking care of it. Especially the ball part.

It’s a concern, so I’m concentrating on it.

Roll the face 스웨디시 massage gently.

It’s okay to do it, and you’re just like me.

You can use it the way you want. The time is

I just need you to keep it for about 15 to 20 minutes.

I usually want to do it in the evening.

I’m using it after work, but it’s warm.

Maybe it’s because of the heat, but it’s all calmed down.

It made me feel good.

If possible, we’ll be able to find a way to sell the device.

I tend to follow the introduction method.

For the first month as instructed, three times a week, consistently.

I did. Just in case I forgot.

I’ve made a decision. Just 15 minutes.

It wasn’t too much of a burden to invest.

It’s always sensitive, so even a little dry,

He was a blushing type, but lately,

in most situations, there’s not much response.

I’ve come to a normal state. of course, other than that.

We have supplementary home care.

From my point of view, it’s really just the basics.

I was so satisfied that it was this much.

The most important part is the output window.

Using alcohol or other liquids separately

It’s better to wipe it off with a soft cloth.

It’s the best fit. I don’t know if I get scratches or something.

If the material gets in, it changes the texture.

I’m being careful because it could break down.

If you’re good to yourself, you’ll go to the hospital.

A lot of money, a lot of time.

I care about it carefully because I can save it.

In fact, people like me are less irritating.

Finding the right facial massage device for my condition

It’s not easy. Sometimes other creams or gels.

It’s sometimes used as a balm, but the ingredients

If it doesn’t fit me, it’s not good.

It could have consequences, so…

It took me a long time to settle down.

If you have someone like me,

Even if you don’t put anything on, it’s not working.

I’m not sure if you’ll ever be able to use this.

All right, I guess. So far, I’ve been doing fine.

I’m using it well.

I changed into a gown and took a foot bath. It smelled as good as the color of the foot bath. I felt my swollen feet in the foot bath and my chest was pulling towards my feet, so I felt like blood circulation. As my feet got warmer, my body got warmer and I got more and more tired. Sejong Massage Shop gave me plenty of foot bathing time, so I was able to get a foot bath comfortably.

After the foot bath, I get a full-fledged massage, and I get a dry massage, but I think my body is really stiff and stiff. I heard a thud the whole time I was drinking. Sejong the one-person shop massage director did a great job, so I felt like my bones were loosened up everywhere.After finishing a simple dry massage, they gave me an aroma massage, and the smell of oil was really good.

His shoulders and legs were very tight, but he found out at once and gently loosened them.After the massage, the shoulder that I couldn’t touch at first was completely untied even when I moved my body or shoulders. I think Sejong the massage director’s hands are really weak.

Maybe because I was so tired, I fell asleep. Other shops usually don’t have time to fill up the time, but when I woke up in the middle of the night, I was able to trust the one-person shop because they were trying to untangle me.

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