My son bought an imported used car on an installment plan

Hello, I’m the muzzle of the former chief who always takes the first step with emotion.
This is the story that I decided to visit the Kia AutoQ Service Center in Insan to solve the problem due to oil leakage symptoms in the vehicle that I will proceed to the person who asked me to purchase the car.
Starting with a conversation from a few labor battles, you left the purchase of a used car without visiting.
We’ve had enough conversation, looked around the country for the right information, confirmed it was the right vehicle for the right information, and we’ve gone to a faraway place to review it. It’s a way of letting me do a lot of work without visiting the car club, so if you think it’s good, you can compare the cars in the entire region, review them after moving, send them in detail, and explain them.
The order of the review process of the car will be compared to the documents that were checked before the visit, and the documents that confirmed the symptoms of corrosion leakage and the work paper will be compared with the documents that have been tested with sufficient safety to check whether the exterior condition, indoor smoking, cleanliness.
At the end of the process, we were asked to check the bottom condition, and while we were checking the bottom, we found something special.
He didn’t drive outside the age range, but he had engine malfunction. I’ve looked at a lot of cars without a license, and I’ve had some strange thoughts when I found out that there was a malfunction in the picture of a car that didn’t drive outside the year-end alone.
That’s when there were very few misunion leaks, and every car on the market has symptoms of chronic disease. So when I checked the chronic disease, I didn’t really check the oil leakage symptoms. While I was checking, I found a message about oil leakage, which is a short old-age driving distance like a 88카 vehicle above, because of the oil change.
The manufacturer guarantees that the engine mission is guaranteed for only one year.
So far, there has been a satisfactory warranty period, so I visited the AutoQ Service Center, not the repair shop near the sales complex.
When I checked the charge and checked for free warranty due to the symptoms of misunion, I saw the symptoms on the lift, and the technician said that the gasket misunion leak was made by a very rubber-like door, not by us, but by a bolt that was very hard to replace engine malfunction and discharge, the wound of washer.
If you’d just replaced it with a new bolt, they’d be here. As soon as I feel embarrassed, I was replaced with a new bolt while visiting the AutoQ Service Center, and when I talk about my used car when I was whispering about it, I feel worried about my work.
It means that the charge maintenance money went in after the five-day work was changed, and the repair money went in about 10,000 won.
The material of the gasket that blocks oil leakage is rubber and is weak against heat.
The hot-heat-producing car is made of rubber, and after the seasoning period passes, the rubber gasket becomes old and leaks between the cracks.
As much as you trusted the process without visiting, I was seriously giving up on the simple problem as I was trying to find out if it was possible. The symptoms of leakage of miswork vary depending on the driving environment, but the symptoms appear before and after a certain amount of time.
Certainly, the durability of cars on the market these days is not bad.
I feel like, years ago, cars show symptoms faster. It’s a symptom of a misworking leak I took while I was reviewing an old used car.
The gasket between the O-labor tanks is aging and the oil is leaking.
It was a scene where we sold old Tuscany and caused problems with coolant leaks.
There are more places where cars could be leaking than commercial thought. There are engine missions, power, labor, coolant, etc. This is a photo of a used car that was sold in the past and repaired the symptoms of a misworking leak.
It was a shipment that replaced the old gasket with a new one. I’ve experienced this process many times, and I tried my best to do my best for the person who left me with the mouth of a car, so I seriously gave up a small problem and visited the AutoQ Service Center to solve the problem

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