I heard that there’s a lot of competition in getting a part-time job these days.

Hi, everyone. System Cleanup Receiving Updater.

It’s a dump ^^

This time, our dumpster is organized by the Korea Information Society Agency.

I’m carrying out an artificial intelligence Korean language acquisition project!

This project is a part-time job, part-time job.

I’d love to join you.

The part about the kakao talk piece…

For those of you who felt unfamiliar and couldn’t participate easily,

This time,

What is a fragment of a Kakao Talk conversation?

Let’s dig into the details!

Is my information really safe?

I don’t think the whole nation is going to be able to do it.

We’ll be communicating day by day through 꿀알바 Kakao Talk.

Talks on KakaoTalk, a channel of communication.

It’s not enough to send it to the project.

You’ll have a lot of worries!

In the AI Korean language acquisition project,

Only unidentified data is used.

All personal information is unidentified,

I can only send a piece of my chosen conversation.

If you’re worried about the information,

Feel free to participate in the project!

It’s called a piece of kakao talk.

You can’t submit all of them.

– a piece of conversation that has been mechanically cut off.

– Fragment of conversation unrelated to topic and flow of conversation

– Fragmentation of conversations that cannot be identified and summarized

– Replacement functionality, batch corrections and incorrect changes

Remaining Conversation Fragment

– Excessive inclusion of slang & antisocial, discriminatory,

a piece of conversation with any suggestive expression

a piece of conversation about

It’s impossible to submit!

Please remember ^^

So, what kind of dialogue is a meaningless one?

– Conversations with emoticons, photos, videos and URLs only

– a conversation consisting of only consonants, vowels and symbols

– Included in the number of speech balloons and need not be identified as non-identifiable

These are meaningless dialogues.

The above-mentioned speech bubble.

If you exceed 1/4 of the total number of speech balloons!

Exclude this conversation piece from settlement!

Also, please remember that it is possible!

The settlement of the kakao talk piece you sent me.

The number of valid conversation pieces submitted from the 1st to the last day of each month!

You can submit up to 10,000 cases per person.

Up to 7 million won (before tax) will be paid!

Wow, I always use Kakao Talk in my everyday life.

Just by submitting a copy of a valid Kakao Talk conversation,

I can’t believe I can earn up to 7 million won!

Is there a better part-time job than this?

Submitting a piece of conversation, what should I do?

If all the pieces of the conversation were collected,

First, I’ll write the consent form of the chat provider and the chat participant.

After receiving the working form URL by email,

Upload a selected piece of conversation and it’s over!

It’s very simple, right?

I’ve been looking for a part-time job lately.

They say there’s a lot of competition.

Just a piece of Kakao Talk you have.

You can earn up to 7 million won before the tax.

Honey part-time job.

Join us today!

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