I can start the day with much more energy if I go out for a massage or care.

Sometimes it’s active and fun to work standing up, but I was jealous of how comfortable it would be to sit down and work when I get home. But when I asked my friend, he said sitting in the office all day is also hard work. She said that her back hurts and her throat is getting sore, so she decided to take some time to get a massage together.

My friend and I like to get massages, so I’ve been looking around a lot, but it’s my first time visiting a famous place for Gwanggyo Massage, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s called Vince Body & Foot Shop. I came out of Exit 1 of Gwanggyo Jungang Station on Shinbundang Line and was in a place you can see just a short walk.

There are plenty of parking spaces, so you can take your car with you. When I visit, I can’t be without customers. I usually call and make a reservation, and I can get it right away without waiting. I’m going to receive it with my friend, so I contacted him in advance.

I didn’t think it was that hard because I had a break, but I worked standing up all day, so my whole body got lumped and my calf and ankle hurt. I decided to buy a massage machine and move my body with exercise equipment to solve the problem at home.

In a way, it’s like an occupational disease, and I can’t solve it unless I quit my job. Then, I thought it would be better to get a Gwanggyo massage and release it regularly. After the consultation with the director, we decided to get a full body massage and a foot massage together.

There’s a male and female teacher here, 구리 마사지 so it’s okay for a couple to come together. When I received the massage, there were times when I was worried if I had the opposite gender. I think it would be good information for those who are thinking about that.

And while talking with me, the director told me that when I pick an employee, I always get a massage and make a decision. No matter how good your experience is, it’s no use if you’re not really good at it, right?

Hearing that, I can’t wait to receive it. And

The interior design was great, so it was fun to look around one by one. It was like a skin care shop, so I felt elegant. Come to think of it, you are professional at foot massage as well as problematic foot care, so I hope those who suffer like me can refer to it.

I’m going to get a Gwanggyo massage with my friend, so we decided to adjust our schedule. My friend got a full-length massage and I decided to get a foot massage, so it took longer.

I’ve been going to many places to get it, but it’s my first time getting it in a massage suit, so I was wondering how cool it would be. But at first, they pressed here and there and asked me how the pressure was. I like to do it cool and strong, so I asked them to press it strongly.

My friend who went with me said it hurts even if I press a little bit, so he adjusts the massage intensity to suit my taste. If it hurts too much, it might not be effective because you get it in a patient is nervous.

I think it’s much more reliable because I’m in the situation these days, because I’m always sanitizing and taking care of the quarantine measures with me. No matter what you do, you always put on hand sanitizer and didn’t have to worry.

In fact, I endure pain even when I’m sick. After getting a Gwanggyo massage, my whole body feels so cool. At first, I don’t know how much is okay, so there are people who just hold it in.

Please don’t hold back because I’ll keep telling you how much is okay so that you can receive it comfortably. And then I started getting foot massage. I felt like I was digesting well because you pressed it from toe to foot.

Actually, it’s hard to do it alone and my back hurts, so I used a massage machine instead. But it didn’t feel that cool, but it was different because an expert did it.

That’s why you’re taking the time to visit, right? And my calves were so lumpy that I couldn’t sleep at night and sometimes. Thank you so much for helping me relieve my pain.

People who work standing up like me have stiff bodies and tense muscles, so they say it works best after getting a massage. It was so comfortable that I fell asleep for a while. I felt like I was healing not only my body but also my heart.

And there are people who don’t like to talk when they get this kind of treatment. I’m not that talkative either, and I like to receive food quietly, but my teacher took care of me and told me what I needed, so I was able to relax and get a massage.

When you’re busy, it’s hard to invest for yourself. I can start the day with much more energy if I take some time to massage or take care of myself.

And in that case, it’s important to get it right. I think the Gwanggyo massage I went to was perfect in that respect. You guys should try it too!!!^^

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