Take a look at the comparison site.

These days, many people of all ages, young and old,

I own and use a car.

That’s how convenient I feel about transportation.

According to the news, traffic accidents increase periodically.

I’m doing it. For the younger generation, driving is the most important thing.

The accident rate is high because I’m immature.

For most insurance policies, the younger the premium is.

But when it comes to automobile insurance, age doesn’t matter.

The younger you are, the less experienced you are, the less you are.

The insurance is expensive.

So today, when I buy car insurance,

Let me tell you how to sign up at a low price.

I’m doing it.

The standard by which insurance companies calculate premiums is

Not only the age, but the car has a lot of exhaustion.

Depending on the cost of repairing expensive cars and vehicles,

The insurance premium will be decided. If insurance is a burden,

I’ll check the interest on the auto insurance installment plan and pay it.

That’s a good idea.

Then how do you save any insurance 88카 money?

Can you do that?

Automobile insurance consists of various special contracts.

I do. If the terms of the special agreement are met,

You can get a discount.

First of all, it’s a mileage agreement.

The mileage special is a big deal for people who use cars.

I can say it’s efficient for you.

Discounts by measuring the mileage over a year

Up to 40% of special offers available

So if you use a lot of cars,

It’s a great special contract to save on insurance premiums.

You can also see that it’s a children’s special.

I’m sure. Children’s special offers are for young children.

If your spouse is pregnant, you can get a discount.

I have it.

a single insured driver/passenger

Special contracts for limited operation, public transportation, etc.

There are various special arrangements.

But just because you get a discount, you don’t have to.

And if we set up a special contract, we’re going to have to pay a little

It can be expensive, so it’s made up of all the necessary specialties.

If you sign up so that you won’t suffer any damage later on,

It is possible.

I mean, I could get a discount on a special offer,

Besides, there’s no other way to get a discount.

I have one.

If you sign up through the architect,

There will be a commission. But the comparison site…

There’s no fee if you use it.

You can sign up at an affordable price.

If you look at it in more detail,

There is a discount system called a car-on-day system.

Use a lot even if the vehicle is in possession.

There are people who don’t do it. Most of the time, I’m going home.

They only use it for purposes.

If you’re like this, check the car day system.

That’s good. Under the terms of the terms and conditions, on non-operating days,

The number of days in which an insured vehicle was operated is the number of days in settlement conditions

If it’s below, you can get a discount.

Because the discount rate varies from company to company.

If that’s the case, check it out and see if it’s right.

You can sign up as a product.

Additionally, the auto insurance premium is pre-emptive.

It’s good to find out.

I’ve never been able to afford this kind of car insurance.

I told you how to do it.

Car accidents happen unexpectedly.

You need to be prepared.

These days, even the younger generation drives a lot.

I’ve got to be more careful because I’s what I’m doing.

It’s true. They’re all just underage.

It’s not that I’m immature, but I’m sure the insurance company

The younger you are, the less experienced you are, the less you will be.

That’s what I think. So this is how it works.

For you, it’s called the driver’s career recognition system.

There’s a part.

Even if you’re young, you’ve got experience.

If it works, we can lower our insurance premiums.

Divide your three-year career into a set rate.

Yes, after three years, the surcharge rate.

It doesn’t apply to young people.

If you have less than 3 years of experience, please check and configure.

It’s good to try it.

If you look on the road during rush hour and leave, you’ll see a lot of

It’s secreted by cars. That’s how much you can use your car.

Because it’s convenient, the person who owns the vehicle

The rate of traffic accidents is increasing and as a result,

It’s increased.

In the case of disease, taking care of your body can be a precaution.

However, prevent vehicle accidents

It’s hard, so if there’s a big accident, you’ll die.

It can lead to this. so more and more

You need to be prepared for any future accidents.

financially guaranteed, financially.

Take some out.

When you sign up for car insurance,

It’s better to look into it in detail than any other insurance policy.

You can compare products, and each product has its own guarantees.

The special arrangements are meticulous.

Take a look at the comparison site.

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