Massage is physically comfortable and mentally stable.

Today, we’re going to talk about something other than a review of a good restaurant.

I’ve prepared a review.

We’re always together wherever we go.

I went to Cheongdam The Thai with my friend.

close enough to call each other soul mates

How was the Centum massage you got with your friend?

I’ll explain it now.

It was a place that captivated me from the interior design.

I’ve heard that this place is good at massage,

I didn’t know the interior would be luxurious.

A moderately wooded, marble-covered combination.

The way he made it showed how luxurious he was.

When you enter a spacious room with an air purifier on.

It was refreshing and pleasant, so I felt good.

And there was a contactless thermometer, perfect.

The disinfectant you use to sterilize your hands.

I even used disinfectants to spray on my clothes.

This place is not only professional quarantine every week.

The space used every day is often 건마 sterilized and sterilized and sterilized.

I wasn’t nervous about it.

The reason I went to this place with my friend was because

It was about a couple-experience event.

Two of you go before 9 p.m. on weekdays and new

If you sign up, you’ll see a couple tie and aroma.

Make the simple course cheaper than the original cost

I can get a Centum massage.

I’m gonna get a discount and then I’m gonna go change.

I went into the women’s room, and I saw the latest locks.

From the lockers I found, I found that there was a lot of stuff or clothes

I didn’t think I’d lose anything.

I was relieved.

Lockout properly without defect in lockers.

It was working. I opened it just in case.

I’ve touched it with my fingers, but it’s dust or hair.

It was so neat and clean.

We have hangers for hanging.

There was a hand sanitizer here.

Down there, the comb was sterilizing.

From skin care to lens cleaning fluid and

There’s a hair dryer, so you can use it comfortably.

Yeah, it was great.

I sweated a lot before I got a Centum massage.

I took a light shower to get rid of the sweat.

There’s a shower in the dressing room, a transparent booth.

I’ve separated the space, shampoo and conditioner,

I had a toothbrush, so it was comfortable.

The first thing we did was a foot bath.

There was a large seating arrangement for the foot bath.

It’s deep enough for a foot bath.

It was done.

I’m getting a foot bath, and I’m having a cup of tea.

They gave me a drink.

When I drink tea, it warms my body.

The foot bath was more effective.

I usually have cold hands and feet all four seasons.

I tend to suffer from cold hands and feet.

So I tried to take a foot bath at home every day.

It’s more comfortable than at home.

If you take a foot bath in the atmosphere, you’ll see the muscle.

I think I’m getting off my nerves very quickly.

My friend and I have a stable posture.

I dipped my feet in the prepared water.

Soak your feet, and you’re sweating a little over your nose.

I was getting warm as I was getting better.

It has to warm up from the feet to the body.

Muscles get surprised when you get a Centum massage.

He said no.

It was my friend’s first massage.

Use oil rather than a tight tie to make it smoother.

I chose a loose aroma, and it was an excellent choice.

Test the scent of oil, and then start with the legs.

They put it on in order of back, shoulders, neck.

A Korean professional manager asked if the massage pressure was okay.

They especially focused on places that didn’t work out well.

He’s got a rhythm where it goes from the neck to the shoulder.

I heard you pressed it. It was very cool.

These days, people who watch a lot of computer and TV have a neck.

I get into the habit of pulling it forward, and when I touch it,

The tense muscles relax and cool down a lot.

A friend who stays home all day long,

It’s a turtle neck, but it’s hard to get a massage.

She liked it because it didn’t work. He liked it.

I’m done with the satisfactory massage, but it’s still here.

There was some stretching left.

I’m at home to make sure my blood circulation is good.

I used to stretch by myself, but I was a professional.

What I felt after I got some help stretching…

It was really cool.

It’s as if you’ve had a hard time working out and you’ve

I felt the freshness from the stretching I received here.

I’ve only done a few moves, and when it’s over,

I definitely feel refreshed and light.

Centum massage, when multiple people come in, up to four.

There was a room for four people, but there was a lot of room.

If you come with your friends or with your family,

We don’t have separate rooms. We don’t have separate rooms here.

I could use it.

This place had a separate single room.

You know, coming with someone in a situation like this,

I’m a little burdened and worried, but I’m alone.

If you use a single room that you can enter,

I could do it.

I’m too stiff to live my daily life.

Massage comfortably in a quiet room when you’re having a hard time.

I think it’s a good idea to spend some time with him.

I had an idea.

My friend and I had a car after we finished.

I had another drink.

I’ve never had tea twice a day.

It was awkward, but after drinking warm tea, my body…

It feels like it’s melting down again.

I was able to make a pleasant finish.

Actually, I don’t think I’m satisfied with my first visit.

To get a massage with a friend with a light heart

I’m here, and after I get it, I feel refreshed.

I could see how much he wanted.

I’ve been feeling a little dazed lately.

I didn’t get along, and I got it from a friend.

Massage is physically comfortable and mentally stable.

It’s healing. More active and focused than ever.

The Centum Massage, which allowed me to do my daily life.

I’d like to recommend it.

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