I think it would be good to go to Bucheon Aroma massage shop!

Hello! It’s been snowing a lot with Corona these days. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t work out, but my body feels stiff and stuffy. I can’t help but stay at home even if I want to leave somewhere. When I was tired of working and staying at home, I thought I needed a break, but my friend said there was a good massage shop, so I made a reservation at Bucheon Aroma Massage Shop and visited!

The Rest, which I visited, was located 3 minutes’ walk from Exit 8 of Sangdong Station in Bucheon. I went by public transportation, but it wasn’t hard to find because it was close to the station. If you bring your car, you’ll be able to park it for free, so you’ll be able to make a comfortable visit without having to worry about it.

The Aroma massage shop is open from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. If your phone is turned off, you should know that it’s closed or random.

You disinfected it before you went to the salon. When I visit other places, I simply disinfect my hands and check my body temperature, but Bucheon massage shop was able to disinfect clothes and bags thoroughly. Also, I was able to get a massage 부천건마 at ease because I was sensitive to the prevention of the disease because it is being disinfected in general every 2-3 hours.

I was able to get disinfected and enter the shop. There were air purifiers installed all over the Aroma massage shop in Bucheon. These days, it is difficult to ventilate on days when fine dust is severe, but there is an air purifier so that it can be managed in a pleasant environment without venting.

It was quite spacious inside. It’s not too dark or too bright. It has a nice interior. It’s a perfect place for everyone to take a rest. The entire Aroma massage shop has a delicate aroma scent, so I thought I could get healing for the first time in a while.

I chose a program at Bucheon Massage Shop. Course A was 90,000 won for an hour and course B was 120,000 won for 90 minutes. It’s been a while since I got a massage, so I thought I wanted to solve it properly, so I chose course B.

They gave me a warm tea. It was really chilly outside, but after drinking a cup of tea, I was able to warm up my body. At the aroma massage shop, you can choose the oil you want and get maintenance done. The manager helped me to test the oil’s effectiveness.

I chose eucalyptus oil. It is said to be an oil that is effective for colds, stuffy nose, and immune system. The aroma massage shop in Bucheon uses natural oils, so the scent is less subtle and stimulating than other oils. I was looking forward to it more and more as I thought about getting the right oil for me.

I came to the dressing room to change into a maintenance suit. The locker was very long and wide. I wore a thick coat, but it was long enough not to be attracted to the floor, and there was a separate shelf for storing bags and luggage separately, making it very convenient to store my luggage. Also, the lockers at the Aroma Massage Shop are really comfortable not having to carry a key with them using a password lock.

I feel lighter after changing into my maintenance suit. I came to the foot bath to get a foot bath. The sofa in the foot bath was very comfortable. It feels more comfortable than lying on the bed because of its cushion and softness. The Korean massage manager from Bucheon came in and washed my feet clean.

They gave me tea and snacks so I could drink it while taking a foot bath. Aroma massage shop in Bucheon gave us a lot of cars. I like tea so much that I enjoy drinking it, and it’s really nice to taste a variety of tea.

Aroma massage manager released a foot bath in warm water, and the scent was gentle, so it calmed my heart. I soaked my feet in warm water, and I could feel that my feet were melting and circulating well. I heard foot baths are good for cold hands and feet, so I should try it at home sometimes.

I came into the shop to get treatment. The Aroma massage manager gave me a massage with the oil I chose. The smell of eucalyptus oil cleans my head. Even if I get the same massage, I feel better when I get a massage with the oil that suits me and I get the right treatment.
My shoulders are usually so tight that it hurts just to touch them, so I asked the manager to make it weak. At first, it hurt a lot even if it was weak, but as my shoulders got softer and softer, it felt cooler even if I got stronger than the first pressure. Bucheon Swedish Massage Manager was really good at controlling the pressure.

I felt that the manager of Aroma Massage in Bucheon was really professional because he had a lot of insomnia and it hurt so much that he couldn’t sleep at the end of the massage, but at the end, he fell asleep deeply. It was so refreshing to have a good night’s sleep, maybe because you relaxed your body. I moved my body after the massage, and I felt that my whole body was much lighter.

I went to the shower room to wash the remaining oil. The Aroma Massage Shop was well prepared with all the products needed to take a shower.

At the Bucheon massage shop, disposable items were neatly organized and towels were washed well, so they smelled fresh and nice like hotel towels.

I was able to sleep well at home because I was relaxed after a long time. The Bucheon massage manager did a good job of relieving it, and it was perfect for me because of the oil. If you want to find the right care for me, you can go to Bucheon Aroma massage shop!

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