The information that comes without effort is clearly on guard

Did you know that the insurance company’s products are also needed for financial technology? The reason is that savings insurance exists. If you didn’t know this, it may be hard to understand that you can save money with insurance. But there is definitely a product like that, and if you use it well, it is very advantageous to save money. There are three reasons.

Products with comprehensive insurance, health insurance, and child insurance are guaranteed. You can’t save money with this. It is a guarantee insurance that is 폰테크 paid and subscribed monthly to ease the burden of large medical expenses, medical expenses, and treatment costs when you get hurt or sick someday. On the contrary, savings insurance allows savings to be collected and used as fixed and tax-free benefits, which can be used for various purposes such as all savings and fixed annual interest rates without paying taxes in middle or old age.

Let’s learn more about saving insurance.

The first reason why insurance companies’ savings products benefit from savings is the high interest rate, which is currently not found in the banking sector. The interest rate that insurance companies apply when they set aside insurance premiums from customers is called “public interest rate.” Simply put, an insurance company calls the bank’s interest rate a public interest rate. Public interest rates are usually higher than bank deposit rates.

But what I want to emphasize is the fixed rate. Among the insurance products that can be used as savings insurance, the fixed interest rate rises every year by adding the principal ratio (depending on each insurer) from the end of the payment. As I’m talking about how to raise funds, I won’t explain the product. But if what I explained is true, isn’t it surprising that you didn’t know this?

Bank interest rate, what’s the percentage? In my personal opinion, if you look at the interest rate, I would like to say that this exists.

The third reason why insurance companies’ savings products are good for saving is that they give interest as a benefit. Savings insurance is calculated at an annual rate higher than the bank’s interest rate even at benefits. I will explain in detail later that the benefits are more advantageous than the Dan-ri products!

So, since we’ve looked into many advantages, why is there no one around us who is proud of saving money with savings insurance? The reason is that there is a fatal disadvantage of saving insurance. It’s a business expense! A business expense refers to the amount that an insurance company takes away from the insurance premiums that customers pay to attract and manage insurance contracts. When a bank subscribes to an installment savings account, the bank saves all the money, but the insurance company is a profit-making organization, so it subtracts business expenses. If you calculate this, it might feel like my money is being taken away.

Then how much will the project cost? Business expenses vary depending on the company and the product. And the separation rate changes as time goes by after joining.

In line with recent stock market issues, I started stocks, but I seem to be reading a lot of books on economic technology, especially stocks, because I am interested in them. Of course, if reading books makes everyone rich and stocky, everyone will. But I keep reading books to learn what I don’t know and balance my own stock investment philosophy.

These days, YouTube has a lot of information, so there are many opinions that you don’t have to read books, and that you search on YouTube and get information quickly, but I’m still reading books and putting YouTube’s information in my head. I read a lot of books that are a little out of my daily life, so it’s hard to apply to my daily life. If it’s a story that catches the clouds, it’ll be more touching and fun to read because it happens right around you.

The author emphasizes that in order to live the life he wants, he needs to be cool-headed, but he must believe in a positive mindset and the great power that comes from it. It emphasizes that you should keep practicing and not complain that you don’t change for months or a year. The author also said that he continued to think about “what to do” and “get more income” rather than “what to do” when economic difficulties or problems arose. You are the result of your past efforts, and your future life will depend on what you say, what you think, and above all what you do now

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