with the fluted bezel of the sawtooth form

Rolex’s signature classic watch. The Daysert collection is made of steel and combi lines

It covers a wide range of ages and is highly popular in the entire collection; although it can be organized through a variety of combinations,

It is no exaggeration to say that it is popular in all lineups now, so that it is not much influenced by dial color and band design.

Only a few years ago, ‘Day Just 36’, which is the most traditional and classic design, was strong,

The high demand of men has led to the growing demand for Dayshurst 41

Currently, it is the most trendy Rolex classic model, and it is not awkward to say that it is a clock at the center.

Among them, the gold combo Tenpoint diamond combination, which boasts a luxurious charm, is being released at a high price,

Even if it is used as a premium, the price range is trading at a fairly high price,

If you have not yet purchased it because the price is rising as the day goes by, it is even 레플리카 more unfortunate.

in the Daysert Combi, the representative classic of Rolex

It is not as difficult to buy as the popular sports line, but the situation is not awkward now.

For that reason, the model we introduce today is a watch that I think is good news for those who are looking for.

Among the Daysert 41 collections, it is a ‘Rose Gold Combi Tenpoint Choco Dial’ model that belongs to the top model.

the brown (choco) dial in which the rose gold material and combination are good is applied to even when many people are the model having the desired combination

Because it is the most popular model.

In addition, it has a merit that can be accessed at a lower price than the market price as it is worn as a used product,

It’s a watch that’s expected to respond well even in terms of relatively good condition for the year. Let’s take a look

The chocolate dial, which is applied with rose gold material, has not only luxury but also a calm feeling of brown tone.

The most notable watch of the Daysust 41 collection shows a luxurious color that is unquestionably luxurious,

It is also a model that has a very good harmony so that it gives a completely different feeling in the Rose Gold combo than other dial combinations.

If the blue plate dial is the most in demand among the Daysert 41 steel lineup, the Rose Gold combo lineup

in the part with a superior harmonization of the brown color feeling and rose gold material

Chocolate dials are showing high demand to show overwhelming popularity.

The Rolex watch market is continuing its hot streak so that it can not buy goods even if it packs money.

The Daysert 41 Rose Gold Combi Chocolate Dial, which is introduced today, also debuted at Basel World 2016,

It is known as a watch that is hard to buy as it is not easy to supply itself with steady price increase since launch.

The most notable chocolate dial in the Rose Gold combi lineup

with the classic combination, the Tenpoint diamond is combined to show elegance

It is a model that has a more luxurious design because of the unified feeling with rose gold material.

Chocolate dials are available in bar form and diamond index,

Preferences are characterized by higher demand for ten-point diamond indexes than bar indexes.

Of course, this part depends on the individual’s tendency and taste,

Steel materials tend to favor bar indexes, and diamond indexes have a high preference in combi.

Personally, the Daysert Rose Gold Combi Line is a part of the idea that diamond combinations make a more luxurious feeling.

Reference 126331. Among the Rose Gold Combi models, the Tenpoint Dia combination is compared to the existing Daysust lineup

It’s being released on a fairly high retail street. For that reason, it’s actively traded in the used market to reduce the budget,

The model of this combination is not only difficult to see, but it is also a model that is not difficult to find.

Also, it has a low depreciation even when it is sold after wearing.

If you own a steel model, you can experience it once and have the advantage of being able to live a stable clock life

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