When I met Bob Shop, the best star in martial arts, and talked to him, he was a nicer and cuter than I thought.

I think it’s been about 5 years since I started writing a blog.
I started writing a blog after opening Tim Doo-hwan’s Jiujitsu stamp on the 5th floor of Mirim Plaza in front of Atlanta Busan Station.
In the past, I didn’t know what blogs were, but I started writing them since I heard that blogs are essential to promote the gym.

I have some skills now, so even if I use a lot of letters, I use them in 30 minutes, but it was really hard in the beginning.

But since I write this blog every day, I have nothing more to write about.
You can ask if you can write the class contents on that day, but it is difficult to fill in the number of letters just by the class contents.

I told you that the purpose of writing a blog is to promote it.
In order for my blog to be at the top of other people’s blogs, I have to write at least 10 photos, at least 1 video, and at least 1,000 characters, so it’s a good quality, and I’m getting at the top of it.
But if you just write a few pictures and post them in a few letters, the ranking will fall.

So whenever I upload a blog, I have to upload a lot of pictures and fill in the letters.
Those of you who are quick to understand, so when I write a blog, I write a lot of useless things to fill in the number of letters, such as weather stories, walks, etc.
So, I was thinking about what kind of useless stories to write today, and I’m going to talk about Doo Hwan’s fc days.
There are many episodes from the 주짓수 beginning of Duhwan Fc to participating as a referee and serving as the chairman of the referee committee. The most rewarding thing is that the mixed martial arts rules were systematized and documented after being the chairman of the referee committee.
Since the history of mixed martial arts in Korea is short, the rules of the big framework have been made, but they have not been made in detail-oriented.
I have documented this in great detail.
We’ve organized everything about fighting, from competitors’ qualifications to taping, to Vaseline John dressing system, to technical fouls that are acceptable: technical scoring system, medical examination, training, and referee management.
“I went to Japan and China to see the judges, and I gained a lot of good experiences and met a lot of good people.” (Loyalty~~Moon Ji-eun)
When I met Bob Shop, the best star in martial arts, and talked to him, he was a nicer and cuter than I thought.
UFC’s best referee, Herb Dean, also raised his thumb that the rules I made were very good and said he wanted to incorporate them into the U.S.
Bobbi Brown, a singer who always helps players and big companies out of mercy for the development of Korean mixed martial arts.
He has a good sense of humor and a broad mind.
Flying Amba Atlanta Jigsaw Team Doo-hwan
Because of Corona, MMA competition for Jiu-Jitsu is not being held.
I hope that the corona disappears quickly and Jiu-Jitsu mixed martial arts will be activated.
In today’s class, if you go to the ground from the headlock position, you will get a side-press position.
I practiced escaping when I caught a side press.
There are four main ways to get out of the side press.
First, you push your opponent’s face, you try to escape by doing two shrimp drills, and secondly, you put your legs on his legs and you climb onto his body.
Third, when the opponent is away from me, I just lie on my stomach and put him in reverse.
The fourth way is to make the other person’s head touch the floor with a bridge up, and then turn the other person over with a bridge to the other side.
If you mix the above four points well and use the technology according to the opponent’s reaction, side-pressing can easily escape.
Since the side-press position itself is not perfect, it is better to change it to a side-position rather than a side-press for the person holding it.
I have to practice skills enough, but I can only do a little because of the time limit.
So, if you review after class, you can remember it for a long time and use it well.
Start sparring jujitsu after technical practice.
After the uniform jiujitsu sparring, take off the uniform and start the Nogi jiujitsu sparring.
Unlike the number of jiujitsu, Nogi jiujitsu can use all the techniques that cannot be used as a foul in the jiujitsu, instead of not being able to grab the other person’s clothes.
Nogi Jitsu Sparring
You can use all your skills, such as a heel-hook Achilles tendon that attacks the biceps rock cruciate ligament and an anchor knee ligament that attacks the ankle of a twister wrist that attacks the opponent’s neck crank spine.
This is Team Doo Hwan in front of Exit 2 of Atlanta Busan Station where you can learn Jiu-Jitsu Nogi Jiu-Jitsu mixed martial arts kickboxing.
High-quality jiujitsu uniforms will be given free of charge to those who register for free.
Call me now.
Thank you.

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