An unexpected body appears in front of them.

Manyang-eup, Munju, outside Seoul. Han Ju-won, an elite police officer from the Foreign Affairs Department of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, appears in front of Lee Dong-young, the only sergeant in the Manyang police box in a monotonous daily life.
Different animals and jujubes are so different that they become unwanted partners and show perfect discord in everything.
An unexpected body appears in front of them.

While the difference between the Dong-sik and Ju-won with the Baekgol dead body is not narrowing, Ju-won follows the Dong-sik and the Dong-sik begins to dig after Ju-won.
The two, who have deepened their distrust of each other, will go around the jurisdiction together, and soon they are in shock after witnessing a scene that makes them suspicious of their eyes.

After a series of violent incidents, the peaceful Manyang is overcome with sadness and fear.
Meanwhile, as the investigation into Kang Min-jung’s whereabouts progresses, Dong-sik shows mandatory behavior and Ju-won is in a tight spot.
Dongsik provokes Juwon to the end and Juwon is angry.

Ju-won watches over Dong-sik, who was arrested in an emergency, and struggles to obtain conclusive evidence to identify him as the culprit, and Dong-sik gets help from unexpected people.
Meanwhile, the investigation into Kang Min-jung is on the verge of going in the wrong direction, and Dong-sik and Ju-won lose their reason in their own ways because of the citizens and those who want to take advantage of the public opinion.

Ju-won’s press conference is shocking, but the situation does not go as Ju-won expected.
Meanwhile, Haewon and Changjin push ahead with the event to promote the development of Munju City and use Jinmuk who lost his daughter for the event.
After learning this, Dong-sik loses his reason and runs to the scene, and Ju-won presses Dong-sik with a new secret in his hand, but Dong-sik does not lose and provokes Ju-won.
The truth about Minjeong’s disappearance is finally revealed.

Why did you watch Minjeong that day? Dongsik and Juwon begin an unofficial investigation to catch the criminal.
But the selfish movements of those who are indifferent to the truth make 웹하드 순위 things go wrong.
When the people around you are in crisis, the angry children make up their minds.

Why did Dongsik become a monster?
The reason is unknown, Ju-won keeps his guard on the same wavelength, chasing both the same wave and the event.
Meanwhile, Joo-won, who was constantly digging up the case, was embarrassed when an unscheduled figure intervened, finds his blind spot.
a main source who drives a child to the brink The relationship between the two, who were on the verge of collapse at that moment, is facing a reversal.

Manyang was devastated by the arrest of Jinmuk. Was it only Kang Min-jung who killed Jin-muk?
Lee Yu-yeon is limited and where are the other missing persons.
Dong-sik and Ju-won make a risky deal to get a confession from Jin-muk, and the two now have no choice but to join hands.
Will Dong-sik be able to keep his promise to Ju-won?

People who seem to be regaining their daily lives without the body of Yoo Yeon-eun returning.
The appearance of a figure who had been gone for a while begins to crack again, while Dong-sik pursues the message left by Jin-muk, and Ju-won doubts Jin-muk’s death.
Will the equation ever find flexibility?

Why on earth did Juwon do such a thing? a main agent who provokes a common sense of self-seeked himself
Dongsik, who accepted Joo Won’s provocation, began to follow the secrets of the day Kang Jin-mook died.
Soon the two will face an unexpected and shocking situation.

Who killed his senior? Why did Sangbae die? The two men, Dong-sik and Ju-won, overcome their grief and start chasing secrets hidden in the death of their superiors.
What would the hellish truth look like in front of them?

Why did Jeongje hide it so far? People whose lies and truths are intertwined and who come and go between faith and doubt.
Comet and juwon are persistent and begin to pressure.
Is that the only truth that will be revealed in front of them?

Jung-je’s confession 21 years ago. Dong-sik and Ju-won aimed at each other’s goal.
They’re quietly waiting for the prey to move.
Han Ki-hwan’s hearing begins with his life goal in front of him.

Dong-sik said, “Why did you arrest Ju-won be arrested urgently?
While my side and four plates continue to flip over, Dong-sik and Ju-won pile up bait to throw to the monster, Ju-won rushes toward the center of the secret.

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