The mayor of Bentan is on the main street of Ho Chi Minh City.

You can’t say you’ve looked around Ho Chi Minh City without looking around this crowded market where you can enjoy traditional Vietnamese food or buy souvenirs.

Ho Chi Minh City’s most historic Bentan Market is one of Vietnam’s major tourist attractions. Travelers who visit this city with 300 years of history should visit this market. Explore the colorful stands and buy food, souvenirs, and clothes from local merchants.

레플리카 This market began in the early 17th century when peddlers gathered around the Saigon River one by one. In 1870, the French colonial government officially became Real Central. In 1912, the market was moved to a new building, which was renamed Bentan Market.

go around the stands You can see a huge variety of Vietnamese food. If you want to buy simple souvenirs or traditional clothes, there’s nowhere like this. But the market is not just for tourists. The citizens of Ho Chi Minh also buy daily necessities here, so visitors can experience a little local taste and customs.

Bentan Market is also an ideal place to enjoy the true taste of Vietnam. Stop by the food stand and taste local specials such as fish containers and fresh tea.

Merchants here often inflate prices at first, so you must bargain when you shop. If you want to shop well, come to Bentan Market with your heart ready to bargain.

Bentan Market is located in District 1 on the main busy street of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s not hard to find a way because the iconic clock tower is bending over the market. This area is always crowded with pedestrians and vehicles, so be careful not to fall when you cross the street to the market. Bentan Market is open every day. Main Market is closed in the evening, but Ventan Night Market is open until late at night.

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