It’s hard to enjoy the event, right? Then why don’t you start exercising?!

Hello, I’m Jujitsu.

In spring, I want to go on a picnic and enjoy the festival, but the time is right.

It’s hard to enjoy the event, right? Then why don’t you start exercising?!

For those who are hungry for exercise! Here’s some good news.

Finally, a jiu-jitsu village will be born in Sinchon!

It’s located very close to Exit 1 of this station.

The director will teach there!!

So I’d like to introduce you to the director.

Yes, it’s a global level that doesn’t really need explanation, but for those of you who don’t know the jujitsu.

Let me explain.

I’m sure the jiujitsu players know this, but you’ve made a lot of great achievements in the jiujitsu world.

jjif Jiujitsu World Champion World Abu Dhabi Pro Black Belt 2nd place Jiujitsu National Team, etc. etc.

He won many international competitions and competed with the world’s best and ranked 11th in the Jiujitsu world rankings.

It is the first place in Korea where only world-class players named Jujitsu Heroes are listed.

And in Flo grappling, the world’s leading magazine of jujitsu grappling,

It is said that the director of Jujitsu has been mentioned in the world except Brazil!!

Even overseas, they say they know the director when they talk about Korea Jugisu!

If you’re interested in jiujitsu, you’re a world-renowned director coming to Sinchon.

I really want you to visit and learn. I’ve heard that you’re sparring any of the existing jiujitsu trainees.

I hope you’ll find it.

In Sinchon, the main building, there are many gym directors and jiujitsu players visiting.

But Sinchon’s a little less accessible, so people don’t know. It’s very accessible. after much thought

He decided to open a gym in Sinchon, which is still accessible during difficult times!! A lot of people have come to know.

She really wants to teach Shinchon the right number of jujitsu and raise the strong! The director is already excited.

If you want to be strong, please visit Zhujitsu Village.

Of course, even beginners will learn the basics in detail, so don’t worry!

You’ve been teaching jujitsu for a long time, and you continue to study and practice existing and new skills through sparring.

Maybe that’s why Jiujitsu colored belts are all good at this.

I think it’s important to learn jujitsu from someone. I think the depth and understanding of technology and principles are really important.

But there are gyms where leaders of many gyms don’t know the basics, they don’t spar and they don’t answer questions clearly.

I was learning at the weird gym when I was writing, and I thought this wasn’t right, so I came out.

But when I did it in Jujitsu, I was hungry for a hard sparring, but the director made me sick of it.

I loved it, but I’m dying of pain. And I can feel that your skills are definitely improving because you give me advice on things that can’t be done!

Know-how to be good at jujitsu! Those who want to be serious about jujitsu! 주짓수 We’re upgrading your Jiujitsu skills!

Please visit Shinchon, Jujitsu, and visit the main building, Shinchon.

It will definitely be a good opportunity for many people who are interested in or like Jujitsu!! The most powerful gym in Sinchon, Jusu Sinsi Village.

Please find it.

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