Visit House of Diol to buy Dior One Piece

I enjoy many luxury goods in my daily life. Today is a posting about Dior.

Chanel, Fendi, Prada, and other luxury brands come out of clothes, among which # Dior clothes seem to be a brand that is hard to reach.

If you hear Dior in the luxury goods store, most of them sell only Dior bags and Dior accessories, and even if you deal with clothes together, there is not too much Dior clothing. I would like to purchase Dior One Piece and Dior Shascutt, but there are many cases where you do not visit the Dior store.

Even, other luxury brands introduce many kinds of clothes on the official website, and Dior does not have many kinds of clothes introduced, and when you visit the store, there are too many clothes you have never seen before.

All the pictures uploaded by the city are # Cheongdam # House of Diol, store photos. 2020-2021 Dior Cruise and #2021ssdiol, you have to visit the Dior Flagship Store, you have a lot of clothes. Real Dior. Everything’s personal!

See it on the left side of Dior’s symbol, Dior Shaskirt? When you visit Dior’s store, it’s hard to meet Dior Shaskirt. If you want to see a Diorshaskirt over five million won, you can meet it at the Dior Flagship Store. Diorshaskirts come every year, not even in Diorgong. #Diolshaskirt Price

Dior black shascutt on the left, shascutt on the right, and I have visited a lot of dior stores, and Dior shascutt is only seen in house of diol.

There are not 1-2 mannequins in House of Diol. Usually, the mannequins in Dior store are two-revision degrees? Like House of Dior, the symbol of Dior, it seems that about 10 mannequins in Dior clothing store are revised.

Dior doesn’t have many 레플리카 practical clothes, because it’s a brand that pursues beauty, most of them embroidery, and many styles with lace and frills. The left mannequin in the picture above has a dior belt on his waist, and the color is beige tone. I bought it in black.

See the two mannequins on the right? I’m wearing embroidered clothes, all of which are hand-crafted, costing over 10 million won.

Diorty shirts are full of embroidery. The town doesn’t wear casual T-shirts often, so it’s out of the spotlight.

There’s a lot of clothes like this, but if you go to the Dior store, there’s no real Dior clothes. Dior clothes, they’re focused on house of Dior. When I visit House of Diol, I often visit with my heart, so I do not think I can visit well.

In the case of department stores, there are close places to eat, lounges to rest, and many brands to see, but house of diols only needs to be seen. For the purpose of enjoying various brands of luxury goods, the flagship store seems to be a little uncomfortable. Nevertheless, there are only so many kinds of places to see, so I think I will visit 1-2 times a year.

House of Dior is a symbol of Dior, so I always do Dior Ladyback art events at the beginning of each year.I bought two at the 5th Dior Ladyback event. It’s a video of the Lady Diol event at House of Dior.

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